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DOC Removal using the MIEX® System
Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) is naturally occurring organic matter commonly found in potable water sources. Cost-effective management of DOC in potable water is one of the key challenges facing today’s water treatment industry.

DOC inhibits the effectiveness of traditional treatment processes by:
  • Reacting with coagulants causing slower, less effective flocculation and increasing coagulant demand
  • Interfering with the performance of activated carbon by competing with targeted compounds for active sites
  • Reducing the capacity of membrane filtration by fouling
  • Reacting with disinfectants, thus increasing chemical demand and DBP levels

DOC is a fraction of TOC that is difficult to remove by traditional treatment processes. Additionally, traditional solutions for the removal of DOC involve the application of complex water treatment processes, requiring large capital outlays and significant increases in operating costs.

The combination of MIEX® DOC resin with a unique continuous ion exchange process offers water treatment operators a cost-effective and environmentally friendly DOC removal process, capable of achieving new standards in water quality. By placing a MIEX® System upfront, DOC is removed before it can impact other treatment processes, thus enhancing overall water treatment performance.

Additional benefits of DOC removal with MIEX® Resin include:
  • Significantly less waste residuals
  • Colour removal
  • Reduced chlorine demand for disinfection
  • Significant reductions in disinfection by-product formation

Contact your nearest Ixom Watercare office to determine the optimum MIEX® resin treatment for your DOC removal application.


October 2015

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