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For the removal of contaminants such as DOC, color, nitrate, arsenic, and sulfide; used alone or as pretreatment in a combined process to meet multiple treatment objectives. MIEX® Treatment Systems have a small process footprint, low headloss, very low waste volumes and are not subject to chromatographic peaking, allowing ion exchange to be used in a wide variety of applications.
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07 May 2014  Orica Watercare Honored with BlueTech Research Innovation Tracker Award for MIEX® System  more»   


23 October 2013    City of St. Cloud Commissions Second MIEX® Treatment System to Help Sustain Growing Population  more»


21 August 2013  Florence to be the Home of Alabama's 5th MIEX® System  more»


14 August 2013  The Gadsden Times: Gadsden water plant upgrade nears completion  more»


6 June 2013   The MIEX® MICo® Co-Removal Process for the Drinking Water Industry  more»


6 June 2013  MIEX® GOLD A New Generation Resin for the Drinking Water Industry  more» 


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Co-Removal Process: DOC and Hardness Reduction

The MIEX® Co-Removal process is an advanced ion exchange treatment process that is able to achieve DOC and hardness removal in a single treatment step 

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EcoRegen™ Ultra-low Waste Regeneration System 

The EcoRegenTM System is an ultra low-waste ion exchange regeneration system that
further reduces the ecological footprint of the MIEX® Process.

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Carbon Footprint Comparison of TOC Removal Technologies

The carbon footprint of the MIEX® Process is less than 2% of GAC & Nanofiltration. View the technical note for further details.

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